a new kind of social enterprise

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We believe that wellness coaching can be key to transformational change, and we want to help more coaches help more people transform their own wellbeing. 

Created by wellness coaches for wellness coaches, Teacup Wellness helps professionals share the power of coaching with more people than ever before.

Client-beneficiaries pay what they can, regardless of financial status. People can receive coaching for as little as $1 per hour, and Teacup makes up the difference with available donation funds to help ensure our coaches can earn a living wage.

Clients can choose to pay their portion directly to their coach, or submit their payment through Teacup, and we will pay it forward to the coach along with our gap payment.

Please see our financials for more info.

Wellness coaches and other health and fitness professionals are invited to become part of Teacup’s vibrant community. Create a simple, powerful profile to reach new clients by submitting your request to become a Teacup coach

seeking a wellness coach?

Our Teacup coaches are accepted for their compassion and knowledge, and we also screen each practitioner for proper credentials and qualifications. 

Many of our coaches were attracted to their wellness fields after struggling for years with the same things you may need help with.

Get help from someone who’s been there. 

Browse our Teacup coaches to connect directly with a qualified wellness practitioner today.

our affiliates & partners

Healthie is a partner-affiliate of Teacup Wellness. Coaches can sign up and save with Teacup’s 10% discount by using this link.

Teacup Wellness, working to fill everyone’s cup.

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