Teacup Now Has Official Nonprofit Status

We are excited to announce that Teacup Wellness Nonprofit is now officially a 501c3 tax-exempt organization per IRS approval – view details of our filings here.

Now that another milestone has been achieved, we need to laser focus on a few high priority tasks so we can start helping more people and achieving Teacup’s mission.

  1. Reach out to all current and pending coaches to confirm interest
  2. Begin submitting grants of varying types to see what works
  3. Fire up our social media, newsletter, and other outreach channels to attract interest and donations.

There’s much more to do, but getting the revenue model churning is our top priority for now.

In order to help achieve traction on the above items, founder Anne Mitchell is looking into donating additional funds to hire a low-cost virtual assistant to take on many of these operational duties.

Volunteers are also very welcome – if interested, please send a note to hello@teacupwellness.org to let us know!

Working to fill everyone’s cup.

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