Teacup Coach Certification

In order for Teacup Wellness to share your profile on our website, you must provide proof that you have a degree or certification from a qualified institution in a wellness discipline such as health coaching, nutrition, counseling, fitness, psychology, nursing, health care, or any related field.

You will be asked to upload a scan of your qualified degree or certification during the profile creation process, and these will be visible to clients. You can share as many relevant documents as you like.

You must also secure a business or professional coaching license if required in your location. While not guaranteed for accuracy, you may find this resource helpful: Center for Nutrition Advocacy. You will be considered in violation of your right to use our services or serve our clients if you do not stay current on all local, state, and federal business laws and regulations according to your location. If we discover you are in violation, your profile and account will be cancelled until you correct the violation.

We also require that you obtain a professional liability insurance policy for your own protection. While we cannot endorse a policy provider, we are happy to share that we have had good experiences with CPH Insurance.

Please see Find a Coach to browse the wide range of certified coaches and other wellness professionals who are joining Teacup.