Coach certification & onboarding

Teacup Wellness strives to ensure that our clients receive the best possible care when engaging with the professionals within our community of wellness coaches.

To screen our coaches, we select top candidates from new applicants and then conduct a telephone interview to ensure alignment on our values and our approaches to wellness coaching.

Next, we collect proof of licensure, certification, insurance, and other relevant documentation as listed below.

If you are a new coach who has been accepted to join Teacup, please complete the steps below to wrap up your onboarding.

After you complete and submit your onboarding steps, you will be invited to register to create your profile for our Teacup Directory.

Certification steps

I have submitted my Teacup Coach Application

I agree to Teacup Wellness Terms of Use & Privacy Policy

I agree to Teacup Wellness Code of Ethics

I agree to protect my client’s privacy and adhere to HIPAA Privacy Rules

I have submitted proof of related degree or certification from a qualified institution in a wellness discipline such as health coaching, nutrition, counseling, fitness, psychology, nursing, health care, or related field to

I have submitted proof of required licensure according to my locale’s requirements to; for more information, see Center for Nutrition Advocacy

I agree to submit proof of professional insurance before coaching my first Teacup client (send to

If you need a suggestion for an insurance provider, you may want to take a look at CPH Insurance

I have completed Teacup Wellness Addictions Recovery Support Training

I have reviewed and submitted Teacup’s Coach Contract

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Tax info

Please complete the following info so we can invite you to our secure Quicken account for you to submit your W9 info for 1099 status.

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Payment info

Teacup Wellness uses Zelle from our Chase business account to pay our contract coaches.

Zelle allows you to use either an email address or a mobile number to connect payments to your bank account.

Check that your bank account is set up to receive Zelle payments, and then complete this info so we can pay you.



* Teacup Wellness Nonprofit LLC does not provide professional therapy or medical care. Our coaches are qualified to provide a framework within which our clients can attain desired holistic wellness. Clients are encouraged to consult with their medical providers when embarking upon a new wellness journey. By using this site and engaging with our coaches, you are accepting our Terms of Use.