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If you need help now, please contact us and we will get back with you, asap.

Client Help

Our clients are invited to request a coach.

Before you begin work with a Teacup coach, you will be asked to submit our agreement.

If you need help, please contact us and we will get back with you, asap.

Coach & Volunteers Info


Learn how to submit and edit blogs on Teacup’s site.

Chat & contact us

Learn how to respond to those who use our Chat & Contact tools.

Coach onboarding

Learn how to support our new coaches as they join Teacup.


Learn how to review, edit, and publish profiles, blog posts, and pages.


Learn how to track and publish info about Teacup events.


Learn how to support our board members in conducting and tracking fundraising efforts.


Learn how to manage Teacup’s Google My Business info.

Hello email

Learn how to manage our Hello inbox.

Help updates

Learn how to keep this help section more helpful.

Log into Teacup

Learn how to access and edit profiles , blog posts, and pages.


Learn about sending Teacup newsletters.

Press outreach

Learn about sending and tracking press releases.

Social media

Learn about keeping our social media audience informed.


Learn about writing stories about our clients and coaches.

Teacup Talks

Teacup Talks provide a venue for our coaches to connect with, inform, and inspire potential clients and donors within our neighborhoods.

Learn how to plan and conduct a Teacup Talk in your neighborhood.

Download the ppt file and a flyer template below.