Become a Teacup Coach

(ready to launch soon)

Teacup Wellness welcomes health and fitness professionals of all kinds.

Our nonprofit model brings together coaches looking for work with clients seeking a coach at an affordable price.

We collect donations which are used to pay our coaches $20 per hour, ensuring a living wage when working full-time. Our qualified coaches invoice us after services are provided.

To become certified as a Teacup Coach, you must be US-based,* agree to adhere to our Code of Ethics, our Terms of Use, and provide the following when you submit your application.

  • documentation of your coaching credentials
  • proof of professional liability insurance
  • proof of license as may be required by your state

See Teacup Coach Requirements for more details.

Apply now to become a Teacup Coach

For tips about insurance and licenses, see our Coach Resources (to come).

There is no cost for you to list your profile on Teacup Wellness. Profile tools and info to come.

You will also be invited to share your blog on our social media and Teacup’s website to help expand your reach.

After your application is approved and all setup steps are completed, we will promote your profile to our clients, giving you the opportunity to be selected to provide them with hourly coaching services.

how it works

  1. Teacup collects donations to fund coaching for our clients
  2. Coaches apply to provide coaching services to our clients and create a Teacup profile
  3. Clients submit a request to work with a coach listed in Teacup’s directory
  4. Teacup reviews the request to ensure client/coach alignment and then validates coach availability and confirms we have adequate funding to pay for the requested coaching services
  5. Teacup then asks the client to contact the selected coach directly to schedule an intro phone session and all subsequent coaching sessions
  6. Coaches submit weekly invoices to Teacup for time spent coaching
  7. Teacup follows up with each client to ensure satisfaction and to capture success stories

We have structured our fiscal model to devote 80% of our funding to pay for coaching services, with the other 20% going to cover the cost of operations, fundraising, capabilities improvements, and awareness campaigns. This 80/20 model exceeds the best practices of top-rated nonprofits according to Charity Watch.

New coaches are invited to apply to join Teacup and get a free profile listing in our coach directory (all to come).

* Due to the extensive filing and regulatory requirements related to operating international nonprofits, Teacup Wellness is currently limiting its fundraising efforts and program services to coaches and clients located within the United States in conformance with federal and local Colorado and 501c3 regulations.