Teacup coach application

Wellness professionals of all kinds are invited to apply to offer coaching services to Teacup Wellness clients.

We want our coaches to be successful. We highlight coach profiles and blogs during our fundraising and client communications, and we encourage clients to hire you directly if they have the funds.

Please use your Teacup profile to highlight your offerings, but we ask that you not include any pricing since we will be hiring you on our clients’ behalf for our current contract rate of $30 per hour using donor funding.

You are welcome to invite potential paying clients to your own website for more info and your standard rates.


The steps in our application and onboarding process are summarized here.

Please continue below to begin.

Submit your Teacup application

  1. Apply and interview
  2. Email required documents
    • Proof of qualifications 
    • License, if required
    • Proof of insurance (not required until you schedule sessions with your first Teacup client)

Complete certification & onboarding

  • Complete Certification and Onboarding form
    • Agree to Terms, Ethics, HIPAA, etc
    • Review Addictions Resources
    • Submit Coach Contract with Teacup
    • Provide an email where we can send our secure Quicken invite to complete your W9
    • Set up with Zelle so Teacup can pay you

Complete your Teacup profile

  • Register to create Teacup profile
    • Add your profile photo and optional background image
    • Share info about yourself and your programs

Teacup coach application

If you need help along the way, please email us at hello@teacupwellness.org.

By applying to join Teacup Wellness, you understand and agree to support our nonprofit process, as follows.

  1. Coaches are accepted after being interviewed and then completing our certification process (we may pause publishing new profiles until we can confirm that we are ready to engage more coaches, which allows us to quickly flex to meet growing needs)
  2. Teacup clients request coaches from our directory
  3. One of Teacup’s welcome coaches has a 15-min intro chat with the client to get to know them and discuss how we can best meet their coaching needs
  4. Teacup confirms that we have available funds to hire requested coaches at the rate of $30/hour
  5. Teacup then confirms availability of the requested coach and asks the coach to reach out to the client for scheduling one-on-one sessions and suggesting group sessions; if no specific coach was requested, then we will reach out to our available coaches, with our earlier applicants being contacted first
  6. Coaches submit weekly invoices to Teacup based upon actual hours of coaching provided to each client or group
  7. Teacup follows up with each client to ensure satisfaction and collect success stories

You understand that we are providing a profile to you free of charge and while our goal is to connect every client with our available coaches, we cannot guarantee that you will be selected by a client or earn any income from your listing on our site.

You agree to adhere to our code of ethics and follow our certification requirements.

Please proceed or feel free to reach out with any questions.

Additional documentation required by Teacup:

  1. Proof of coaching qualifications, such as a certificate or degree (scan or pdf)
  2. Business or coaching license, if required by your state regulations (scan or pdf)
  3. Proof of active professional insurance (scan or pdf of the first page of your policy – this can be secured and submitted after you receive your first Teacup client request, but must be received by us before you conduct your first Teacup coaching session)

Please send all required documents to hello@teacupwellness.org

You also understand that as part of our Certification process you will be required to participate in brief unpaid Addictions Support training to gain a basic understanding of how to successfully work with people in recovery.

By submitting your information, you’re giving us permission to email you. You may unsubscribe or withdraw your participation in Teacup at any time.

* All Teacup Coaches will receive basic Addictions Recovery Support training as part of our Certification process. If you also have specific certifications or experience in any field related to serving those with addictions, please let us know by selecting the Addictions Recovery Expert box in addition to any other areas of specialty you offer.