Our vision board

Teacup Wellness is just getting started and we have big plans for bringing the goodness of wellness coaching to everyone who needs it.

Check out our slide show and vision board below for a sense of what we are creating, and then consider supporting our cause or joining our team.

90-Day Plan

January 1, 2021 through March 31, 2021

■ Form Teacup Wellness Nonprofit in Colorado
Completed July 20202

■ Update website in preparation for coach input
Completed January 2021

■ Invite initial coaches for input and updates
Completed January 2021

■ Set up Teacup banking to begin accepting donations
Completed March 2021

■ Update site with profiles, directories, and operations-level tools
Completed April 2021

■ Update process for social media and blogs, then operationalize
Completed April 2021

■ Recruit, certify, and onboard new Teacup coaches
Initiated January 2021

■ Form Board of Directors and initial committees
Initiated January 2021
(Draft members providing input on 501c3)

■ Build coach communities
Initiated January 2021 (Slack)

□ Submit IRS 501c3
Asap after concept affirmed and strategy finalized

□ Set up research structure and HIPAA-safe process
Pending org readiness

□ Pursue fundraising, sponsorships, grants, and client outreach
Pending org readiness

□ Initiate farm co-ops, food trucks, fresh markets, cooking classes, etc for supporting healthy food in Teacup’s coaching communities
Asap after concept affirmed

□ Invite communities of clients
Pending org readiness

One-Year Plan

Through Dec 31, 2021

□ Hire paid support staff to help with Teacup operations
Pending org readiness

□ Sell advertising space as a revenue source
Pending org readiness

□ Set up Teacup Scholarships
Future vision

□ Set up Teacup Retreats, Conferences, and Training
Future vision

□ Set up Teacup Podcasts
Future vision

□ On track for $2,000,000 in Fundraising by end of Year 2
Future vision

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