About us

Our mission is to make health and wellness coaching available to anyone who wants it.

Learn about how to support Teacup’s mission.

Big caveat: Most of what you are about to read is aspirational since we are just getting started… but we believe that dreaming big is the first step toward creating big solutions.

Teacup Wellness is a nonprofit social enterprise that facilitates wellness coaching for people who otherwise could not afford it.

Teacup’s primary goal is to enhance the wellbeing of as many people as possible through the power of coaching.

Our secondary mission is to help more coaches earn a living wage while doing more of what they love.

our background

As certified wellness coaches and friends for over 25 years, Anne and Roxie know how powerful it can be to get the coaching and support needed to enable transformational change. Sisters in sobriety, we wanted to give back by using our backgrounds in design and our passion for coaching to contribute to the greater good.

Together, we’ve created Teacup Wellness — a nonprofit social enterprise whose mission is to bring the power of health and wellness coaching to more people while also expanding the reach of coaches everywhere.

what we do

Teacup helps more people gain access to wellness coaching by using its fundraising to directly pay for the cost of hiring a coach.

Potential clients are invited to connect with our coaches at no cost to the coach or the client.

Each Teacup coach must comply with our certification requirements before being added to our directory.

Teacup encourages remote coaching as the ideal way to connect, especially as the pandemic continues to affect our lives. While some coaches offer video calls, sessions can also be conducted over the phone, with no special technology needed.

Connect with a Teacup coach to get started.

how we help coaches

Many coaches got into the wellness field because their own health or that of a loved one was improved through holistic wellness practices, and they want to give back while also doing something they love.

But many coaches struggle to reach enough clients and end up having to take on other jobs in order to pay the bills, which limits how many people they can help with coaching.

Teacup helps close that gap by connecting coaches with clients while also helping ensure coaches receive a fair hourly rate by using donor funding to help pay for their services.

Coaches are invited to join Teacup at no cost.

helping communities

Recognizing that access to optimal nutrition is a critical factor when trying to improve one’s wellbeing, Teacup is creating affiliations with organizations that work to bring healthy food into neighborhoods in need, helping to tackle the pervasive issue of food deserts.

making an impact

Donations to Teacup Wellness are used to…

  • Serve those who want wellness coaching but didn’t think they could afford it
  • Help ensure that coaches can earn a decent hourly rate
  • Connect communities with resources to help everyone live healthier, happier lives

Read more about our financials to learn how donations are devoted to providing beneficiary services for our clients, building awareness, fundraising, and covering operational costs.

We invite you to join Teacup Wellness as a client, coach, affiliate, donor, or advisor.

Read the Story of Teacup Wellness to learn more about our evolution.

Anne Mitchell | Certified Health Coach | view profile
Founder, Teacup Wellness Nonprofit

Committed to the idea that everyone should be able to tap into the power of wellness coaches to learn healthier ways of living, Anne founded Teacup Wellness to help spread the healing magic of coaching around the world.

With decades in the corporate arena as an experience designer and team lead, Anne has created half a dozen new business units at a variety of corporations. She now turns her skills and expertise toward building Teacup.

In collaboration with a hand-picked team of passionate wellness coaches who share in her vision, Teacup Wellness nonprofit coaching service will come to life.

When not working to build Teacup, Anne loves to explore beautiful places with her white Golden Retriever, Bodhi. Topping off her list of joys is visiting with her daughter Cassidy in Seattle.

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Roxie Speer | Certified NLP Coach
Co-founder, Teacup Wellness Nonprofit

Roxie Speer is an entrepreneur and a gifted designer with boundless energy. As co-founder of Teacup Wellness, Roxie has a vision for serving a global community of health enthusiasts dedicated to helping others live up to their greatest potential.

Roxie lives in Golden, Colorado, and loves to go fly fishing whenever possible.

Working to fill everyone’s cup.