Meet our new coaches

Daveda James, Teacup Coach

Daveda is a behavior change coach focused on health and wellness, mental wellness, spirituality, and experienced in working with executives and entrepreneurs.

“Our mission is to guide all on a journey to discovering their highest potential, and unlimited nature by becoming a community resource for physical, emotional, and mental health and well-being.”

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Shannon Crowe, Teacup Coach

Shannon is a health and wellness coach who can help you learn mindfulness, proper nutrition, stress management, and how to add movement into your life.

“I believe that quality healthcare should be available to all, and this includes holistic approaches. Don’t we all deserve to live our healthiest, best lives?”

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Antoinette Jordan, Teacup Coach

Antoinette is a behavior change coach and fitness professional, with a focus on health, wellness, and weight loss. Her personal journey as a successful bariatric patient informs her passion to help others.

My personal journey through life has led me here to this time…right now! I’m here to help you reach those goals you never thought were possible.”

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CaSondra LaBlanc, Teacup Coach

CaSondra is a corporate wellness professional, fitness professional, health and wellness coach, personal trainer, and yoga instructor.

“I enjoy working with everyone, but keeping Active Agers moving is very important to me. Moms who have to learn how to take some me time are also close to my heart as I’m a mother of two!”

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Daryl Jelle, Teacup Coach

Daryl is a behavior change coach, fitness professional, health and wellness coach, personal trainer, and weight loss coach.

“I focus on creating confidence and resilience through various forms of fitness that help to build physical, emotional and mental strength.”

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Chelsie Long, Teacup Coach

Chelsie is a certified health and wellness coach with a master’s degree in social work and psychology.

“I struggled with an eating disorder since I was 16 years old. In 2017, I finally took my first step towards recovery and began my own health and wellness journey. That is where I found my passion for health and happiness and can’t wait to walk alongside you on your journey.”

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Christine Magnussen, Teacup Coach

Christine is a master-certified health and wellness coach who is also certified in food psychology, diabetes prevention, and the science of happiness.

“I’ve watched people turn their lives around because they believed they could. I can help you find the choices and be there for you to cheer you on the path you choose for a healthier life for you and your family.”

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Cassidy Mitchell, Teacup Coach

Cassidy is a virtual assistant who helps relieve stress by performing the tasks that don’t light you up.

“I’m so thrilled to be working with people who value vulnerability and exploration. It’s an honor to help ease people into the world of outsourcing as a form of self care.

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Cherie Couvillon, Teacup Coach

Cherie is a National Board Certified health and wellness coach with experience as a personal trainer, weight loss coach, and reiki healer.

“It is important to remember the beginning can be anywhere along the way” – Emily Beckett

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Megan Tally, Teacup Coach

Megan is experienced as an integrative health and wellness coach, meditation and mindfulness facilitator, and yoga teacher.

“There is deep wisdom within our very flesh, if we can only come to our senses and feel it.” – Elizabeth A. Behnke

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Sitira Pope, Teacup Coach

Sitira is experienced as an elder care coach, holistic health practitioner, nutritionist, sound energy practitioner, and meditation and mindfulness facilitator.

My approach is adaptable, creative, and grounding.  I love collaborating with clients and helping them create a wellness practice that’s unique to them.

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