Teacup coach invoice & volunteer time tracking

Teacup coaches, please review info below if you are new to our invoicing process.*

Please also help us track volunteer hours by using this form to submit your Teacup volunteer time, if applicable.

Paid client or group coaching (pre-approved)
Volunteer client or group coaching
Volunteer time for Teacup’s Engine (our volunteer operations team)

* Please list all sessions and client names or volunteer activities.

We use donations to pay our coaches $30 per hour for coaching services rendered to our clients.

We request our coaches to charge for time as you would in your regular practice, which usually does not include charging for an introductory call, program or session preparation, or for interim emails and texts, etc.

Your arrangements with Teacup clients can include many weeks as part of an ongoing program, but you will invoice Teacup only after each hour of service is rendered.

You may submit an invoice each week for as little as one hour, or wait a few weeks to submit multiple hours.

We cannot pay coaches for any cancelled appointments.

Direct deposit via Zelle is required in order to be paid by Teacup Wellness. Contact us if you have not yet been set up or need to change bank info.

Because we engage coaches to work with clients only after we have confirmed that we have the funds available, we commit to paying each coach within a week of invoice submission. Any anticipated delays will be communicated by email.

Invoices submitted by 12 noon Central time on Monday will be paid by Friday of that week via Teacup’s Zelle account at Chase Bank. Timing of the availability of new Zelle deposits can vary by bank.

Qualified coaches must be approved to join Teacup and then set up in our system in order to work with our clients (learn more).

We regularly reconcile our coach invoicing with client reporting to ensure good stewardship of Teacup’s nonprofit funds.