Thank you for submitting your application

Please submit the following documentation to us at

  1. Proof of your coaching qualifications, such as certificate or degree (scan/pdf)
  2. Business or coaching license, if required by your location’s regulations (scan/pdf); for more information, see Center for Nutrition Advocacy
  3. Proof of active professional insurance, which can be secured and submitted after you receive your first Teacup client request, but must be received by us before you conduct your first Teacup coaching session. Choice of insurance provider is up to you but if you need a suggestion, some of us have had a good experience with CPH Insurance.

Next steps

After we have received your submitted documents (except for insurance, which can wait), we will invite you to a telephone interview to ensure alignment on our values and philosophies about wellness coaching.

If you would like to take the next steps while awaiting your interview, you are invited to proceed to Certification & Onboarding.

Your Happy Teacup Team

Working to fill everyone’s cup.