Coach Application & Profile Request Form

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Please complete the application below.

By applying to join Teacup Wellness, you understand our process as follows.

  1. Teacup clients request coaches from our directory
  2. Teacup confirms that we have available funds to hire the coach at the rate of $20/hour
  3. Teacup then confirms the availability of each requested coach and asks the coach to reach out to the client for scheduling sessions
  4. Coaches submit weekly invoices to Teacup based upon actual hours of coaching provided to each client
  5. Teacup follows up with each client to ensure satisfaction, validate services provided, and collect success stories

You understand that we are providing a profile to you free of charge and while our goal is to connect every client with our available coaches, we cannot guarantee that you will be selected by a client or earn any income from your listing on our site.

You agree to adhere to our code of ethics and follow our requirements.

If you agree, please proceed or feel free to reach out with any questions.

Additional documentation required by Teacup (see coach requirements for more info):

  1. Proof of your coaching qualifications, such as a certificate or degree (scan or pdf)
  2. Business or coaching license, if required by your state’s regulations (scan or pdf)
  3. Proof of active professional insurance (scan or pdf of the first page of your policy)
  4. Profile photo plus any other photos or documents you would like to share on your profile

Please send all required documents to

After you have been accepted, we will reach out to securely collect w9 tax info.

Once we have built your initial profile, you will be given login access so you can edit it yourself if you wish, or send us any updates and we can take care of it for you.

You will also be invited to blog on Teacup’s site and to participate in our social media to expand your professional reach both within and beyond Teacup’s ecosystem.