Teacup Coach Invoice

Teacup coaches, please review info below if you are new to our invoicing process.*

* Submit a separate invoice for each client served.

You may submit an invoice each week for each client for as little as one hour, or wait and submit multiple hours at a time.

We use donations to pay our coaches $20 per hour for coaching services rendered to our clients. Coaches who have completed an hour or more of coaching services must submit an invoice using the secure form above in order to be paid for services rendered.

We encourage coaches to charge for time as you would in your regular practice, which usually does not include charging for an introductory call or for interim texts, etc.

To keep things simple, we only offer client coaching by the hour. Your arrangements with your Teacup clients can include many weeks as part of an ongoing program, but you will invoice Teacup only after each hour of service is rendered.

We cannot pay coaches for any cancelled appointments.

Direct deposit is required in order to be paid by Teacup. We commit to paying each coach within about 2 weeks of receiving your invoice.

Each coach will receive a 1099 form from Teacup Wellness at the end of the year that reflects your Teacup earnings

Qualified coaches must be approved to join Teacup and then be set up in our system in order to be paid.

If you are a qualified coach who may be interested in joining us, please see our requirements.

** We regularly reconcile our coach invoicing with client reporting to ensure good stewardship of Teacup’s nonprofit funds.