Coach Contract with Teacup Wellness

Each coach working with Teacup Wellness clients will be considered an Independent Contractor.

The following steps are required to be successfully completed before coaches can begin working with our clients.

  1. Complete and provide required documentation as outlined in our Coach Application
  2. Be reviewed and accepted by Teacup Wellness
  3. Sign Teacup Wellness’ contract which lays out the expectations and requirements of our mutual engagement (see below)
  4. Complete any remaining steps in Teacup Wellness’ Certification process
  5. Submit a completed IRS W9 form for tax reporting purposes via our secure online process
  6. Provide bank deposit payment information via our secure online process
  7. Complete a Teacup Coach Profile after access to our WordPress system has been provided

Teacup Wellness will attempt to match client demand and funding with available and suitable coaches so that our coaches can have an opportunity to work their desired number of weekly or monthly hours.

Signing a contract with Teacup Wellness does not guarantee that the coach will work a specific number of hours.

Approved and accepted coaches will be provided with our executable contract after all previous requirements have been met.

Interested coaches can preview our contract here: